Third potential violation found in Florida Tech’s 2019 Clery report

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Co-authored by Emily Walker, Olivia McKelvey, Kevin Boodoosingh

A third potential violation of the Florida Tech 2019 Annual Fire and Safety Clery report was found in the category of stalking that occurred in 2018. This comes on the heels of two confirmed reports of rape that were not included within the Clery report.

Within a section of the fall 2018 crime logs, a report of stalking was found. On Florida Tech’s 2019 Annual Safety and Fire Report, stalking, which falls under the Violence Against Women Act amendment, was cited as zero for the past three years.

The Clery Act is a federal law that requires federally funded colleges and universities in the United States to publish statistics regarding crime on and around campuses annually. Clery reports are required to cover the past three years’ worth of crime statistics and must be released every Oct. 1.

Florida Tech is federally funded, thus making it a university that is required to release an annual Clery report.

Within Clery, there is an amendment known as the Violence Against Women Act.

VAWA expands the rights to campus survivors of sexual assault and includes the crimes of domestic violence, dating violence and stalking.

Under Florida state definitions within Florida Tech’s 2019 Annual Safety and Fire Report, stalking is defined as “‘willfully, maliciously and repeatedly following, harassing or cyberstalking’ another. Stalking behaviors can consist of many things: actual physical following of a person, continuously calling or texting, emailing, leaving notes or sending letters, leaving or sending objects or ‘gifts’ … essentially, a pattern of unwanted behavior with malicious intent. Stalking involves a pattern of behavior that causes substantial emotional distress to a specific person with no legitimate purpose.”

The Clery Act requires that federally funded universities publish a public crime log disclosing any crime that occurs on campus or within patrol jurisdiction of the campus security department and that is reported to campus security.

As of February of 2019, the National Association of Clery Compliance officers and professionals stated that the U.S. Department of Education can impose $57,317 per Clery Act violation.

Frank Iannone, the director of security, declined to comment on this new finding.

It is not currently known if the Department of Education is investigating these potential violations of the Clery Act.

If you have made a report to Security or Title IX and feel it has not been handled correctly, visit to file a complaint.

As a student-run newspaper, your voices are extremely important to us.

If you feel you have experienced something similar as described in this piece and would like to speak with us, please contact us at

National Sexual Assault Hotline 1-800-656-4673

Women’s Center Counseling 321-242-1526

National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-7233

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